2012 Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat Scrapbook

Ram Dass & the Love Serve Remember Foundation would like to thank everyone who supported and participated in the 2012 Open Your Heart in Paradise retreat on Maui. It was a wonderful experience for everyone and we are so grateful to have such a supportive and loving community to share our hearts with. On this page you will find various poems and teachings that were shared at the retreat, as well as a photo gallery and videos. Enjoy!

Teachings from the Retreat


Click Here to read a beautiful poem by special guest KK Sah on Love.

Click Here to read retreat reflections from Dr. Saraswati.

Videos from the Retreat

KK Sah, longtime devotee of Maharaji and great friend of Ram Dass sings Chakore Rako

Ram Dass talks about loving everything at one of the morning sessions of the retreat.

Sharon talks about why we meditate, about the alchemy and magic of practice.

Mirabai Bush explores love & awareness.

Krishna Das & band sing the Ring song!