Perspectives on Death

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PART 1: In this address, to the Bassett Hospital staff in Cooperstown, NY, Ram Dass points to the mystical perspective of life being seen as a preparation for death. He discusses different ways we can approach death to reduce the anxiety surrounding it, and explains the rationale behind setting up the Living/Dying Center. (Cooperstown, NY… Read more »

Episode 63 – Soul Pod

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Ram Dass hosts his long time Buddhist friends- Jack Kornfield, Catherine Ingram and Wes Nisker at his home in Maui for an intimate chat on their first meetings – the gathering of the “soul pod” – In the early 70’s these westerners took in the essence of Hinduism and Buddhism from the East, deepening their… Read more »

Spiritual Pride

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Mad with joy, life and death dance to the rhythm of this music. The hills and the sea and the earth dance. The world of man dances in laughter and tears. Why put on the robe of the monk, and life aloof from the world in lonely pride? – Kabir A persistent trap all along… Read more »