“Working with Mindfulness” Ebook by Mirabai Bush & Contributors

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Conversations with Mirabai Bush, co-founder of The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, and key adviser to Google’s Search Inside Yourself curriculum about the various applications of mindfulness research and practice to workplace environments. Featuring Jeremy Hunter, Daniel Goleman, Richard Davidson, and George Kohlrieser. Available as ebooks from all major retailers. Download Here Titles include:… Read more »

“The Wizard of Us” by Jean Houston

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In The Wizard of Us, discover the powerful, unique skills and qualities of Dorothy, the Wizard, and the other archetypes of mind, heart, and courage that live within each of us. With specific, easy-to-follow exercises and incredible “aha” insights, you’ll begin to expand your thinking, open your heart, and build the courage to truly connect with… Read more »