“Living This Life Fully: Stories and Teachings of Munindra” by Mirka Knaster

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“Whatever you are doing should be done mindfully, dynamically, with totality and completeness. Then it becomes meditation. It is not thinking, but experiencing from moment to moment, living from moment to moment, without clinging, without condemning, without judging.”—Munindra Anagarika Munindra (1915–2003) was a Bengali Buddhist master and scholar who became one of the most important… Read more »

“Chants of a Lifetime: Searching for a Heart of Gold” by Krishna Das

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Chants of a Lifetime offers an intimate collection of stories, teachings, and insights from Krishna Das, who has been called “the chant master of American yoga” by the New York Times. Since 1994, the sound of his voice singing traditional Indian chants with a Western flavor has brought the spiritual experience of chanting to audiences… Read more »

“The Ecstasy of Surrender” by Dr. Judith Orloff

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THE ECSTASY OF SURRENDER: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life New York Times bestselling author and UCLA psychiatrist, Judith Orloff, M.D. has created a results-oriented book that shows readers how to thrive in our modern, task-heavy, constantly-wired lives. She considers this her most important book for compelling reasons. THE ECSTASY OF SURRENDER… Read more »