Hanuman and the Evolution of Faith

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What some may think to be archaic tales of a foreign religion, the great Indian epics of Gods and demons are in fact the most sublime psychology of the higher Self. With the key to their true meaning these ancient blockbusters will reveal to us the great perennial wisdom taught by the highest sages. Each… Read more »

The Entanglement Theory of Kirtan, Punk Rock & Hip Hop

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 If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph: The Only Proof He Needed for the Existence of God Was Music. — Kurt Vonnegut Virtually all styles of music offer us the opportunity to visit deeper places within ourselves, whether it’s traditionally spiritual or not. To be completely honest, most traditionally “spiritual”… Read more »

Ramana Maharshi: Every Living Being is Equal

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The practice of Ramana Maharshi’s teaching does not require outward ritual or ceremonies, it takes one straight to the source of one’s own being, which is the source from whence all religions spring and must ultimately resolve. It can be practiced by men and women of all walks of life, regardless of their environment. “Happiness… Read more »

Transmission of the Heart

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By Chris Grosso – Excerpt from ‘Indie Spiritualist‘ – Atria/Simon & Schuster Books, 2014) Whenever I see compassion, or real spiritual love, I’m seeing in my environment the things that I treasure in my soul. — Ram Dass There are numerous ways we can receive what I call the “transmission of the heart,” but in… Read more »