How Maharajji has Come to America

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by Ramgiri ( Satsang, the Buddha said, is the most important component of spiritual life. Just how true this is I found out during this years guru purnima celebration at the Hanuman Temple in Taos. After we steeped for hours in the Mahamantra, I was asked to share an experience with Maharajji from ‘the old… Read more »

Prayer of Thanks and Supplication for Healing

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To the God that wears many masks, I raise my hands in prayer above my head as if to ever so lightly touch Heaven, and say softly, ‘Amen’ To Kali who just decapitated me again I say thank you, the smoke I had afterwards was one of my best ever. it’s amazing how, paradoxically, having… Read more »

Sheva Nerad: Remarkable Encounters

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I have never had the pleasure of meeting Ram Dass in person. When I was 13, my parents sent me to yoga and meditation classes because they thought I had insomnia and it would help. (What they didn’t know was that I was desperately bored in school and reading science fiction books by flashlight all… Read more »