The Gift of Impermanence

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Written by Jeremiah Goodman  Far from home, I find myself wandering among the cherry blossoms here in Japan. As I walk among these living teachers of repose, I am reminded of a verse in the Tao Te Ching that says “To find your own nature, return to nature.” I am told that the people of… Read more »

The Man Who Had Something

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by Susan Dyment “Hey, look at that guy. I bet he’s got something.” Susan watched the black ’39 Buick cruise down Central Street past the library, past Yachipucci’s Drug, and over the bridge into West Franklin. “Let’s catch him!” The crew of straggly teenagers piled into the old Ford Fairlane parked near the benches which… Read more »

Coming Home to my Mother

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In the fall of 1996, when I was 20 years old, I was graced with an unexpected, transcendent experience that awoke me to my own eternal being and to the spiritual reality of life. It came out of nowhere (I had not consciously been seeking anything of the sort), and it changed me forever. At… Read more »