Remarkable Encounters: Mark Ekwall

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I became aware of Ram Dass in the early 1970s through Be Here Now. An avid member of Dick Alpert’s explorers club, I had the opportunity to see Ram Dass talk in NY and Philadelphia and also had some friends at that time who studied with Ram Dass, so I was shown certain meditations and… Read more »

Remarkable Encounters: CJ

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I’m not really sure how one can adequately put into words the power and utterly intense compassion in which one meets Ram Dass, whether through his inspiring works, or in person. He’s only been in my life now for about two years, but in the past two years he has become one of my greatest… Read more »

How Maharajji has Come to America

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by Ramgiri ( Satsang, the Buddha said, is the most important component of spiritual life. Just how true this is I found out during this years guru purnima celebration at the Hanuman Temple in Taos. After we steeped for hours in the Mahamantra, I was asked to share an experience with Maharajji from ‘the old… Read more »

Prayer of Thanks and Supplication for Healing

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To the God that wears many masks, I raise my hands in prayer above my head as if to ever so lightly touch Heaven, and say softly, ‘Amen’ To Kali who just decapitated me again I say thank you, the smoke I had afterwards was one of my best ever. it’s amazing how, paradoxically, having… Read more »