There Is No Baba Here

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Sri Baba Neeb Karori Maharaj was the very embodiment of grace and compassion. He showered affection, fed people, and made them laugh. He loved everyone without discrimination and could not bear to see anyone in distress. He was so affable that each of his devotees felt that Baba had special affection for them and believed… Read more »

Breaking Down the Walls

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The saints choose different ways of doing their work. Babaji chose a life neither of a householder nor of a mendicant. He did not carry any of the outward signs that he was a sadhu or saint—no beads, no long beard, no saffron robes. No one could tell by looking at him that he was… Read more »

The World is One Family

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Neem Karoli Baba nurtured the concept of Vasudhaiv kutumbakam (the world as one family) and would say that love binds all together. His blood relations along with countless others merged within this worldwide family. Devotees only learned about Baba’s relatives when his last rites were performed. Baba said, “The whole universe is our home and all… Read more »

Maharajji and the Smallpox

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Dada’s nephew was dying of smallpox and apparently the last moment had come, for the body had been moved from the bed to the floor. It was suggested that a drop of water from the Ganga, with which Maharajji’s feet had been washed, be placed in the boy’s throat. When this was done the boy… Read more »