Cleanse the Mirror of your Heart

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I desired to have Maharaji come visit my home but kept putting off asking him. I had told Dada of my desire, hoping that he could help me to invite Maharaji. I had just met Maharaji for the first time a few weeks before. One day I was standing outside the window where Maharaji was,… Read more »

The Divine and the Human

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Babaji was known as a great saint — a highly realized soul with all the spiritual powers. Writing about Baba, Swami Vijayananda, a disciple of Anandamayi Ma, called him “a yogi whose name radi­ates an aura of mystery and miracle.” We saw many of his miracles coming one after another; they continue even now. They… Read more »

A Story from Krishna Das

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It is the soft time of evening. On Dada’s porch we listen to the sounds that attend the approaching night: people speak­ing softly as they pass along the roadway, children’s laughter, dogs barking, a baby crying and being comforted; in nearby houses kitchen sounds—of pots being moved, water being poured. We sit with our cups… Read more »