Only Babaji Knows

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Babaji used many methods to mitigate the sufferings and hardships of people who visited him. They were seldom done in the public gaze, but they were going on every day. Some poor farmer would come and say, “Out of my one pair of bullocks, which is my only source of living, one has died and… Read more »

Million Dollar Darshan

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In February of 1973, I met Neem Karoli Baba at the Hanuman mandir on Parikrama Road in Vrindaban, one day before he left for Kainchi Dham. At that time, I had only $300 in American Express checks, and $100 I would exchange for rupees in New Delhi before leaving for Kumoan. I decided to play… Read more »

Cleanse the Mirror of your Heart

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I desired to have Maharaji come visit my home but kept putting off asking him. I had told Dada of my desire, hoping that he could help me to invite Maharaji. I had just met Maharaji for the first time a few weeks before. One day I was standing outside the window where Maharaji was,… Read more »