Selfless Loving Service

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When asked why he was surrounded by so many badmash (naughty people), Maharajji said, “Only sick people come to a doctor.” And like an old and trusted family physician, Maharajji was available day and night for his devotees, and he made “house calls.” Thus Maharajji’s own behavior was a perfect model for that sadhana he… Read more »

Love Beyond Love

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On one occasion, KK invited me to join him and his cousin ML in an evening drive out to Kainchi to deliver some lamps and supplies that had been purchased at Maharaji’s instructions for a forthcoming holiday ritual. This opportunity was a delight, for never, when Maharaji was present, had I been allowed to be… Read more »

The Language of the Heart

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Maharaj-ji loved to have the Sunderakand chapter from the Ramayana┬áread aloud… At one point in the story, a message is brought to Sita (wife and devotee) from Ram (husband and God), from whom she had been separated. Ram is telling of his torment in being separated from such a pure devotee: “One’s agony is assuaged… Read more »

Death, LSD & Maharaji

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I had brought a picture with me of a boy who had died in America under strange circumstances. In 1968 he had come to see me in New Hampshire and had become one of my first students of yoga. He would come and visit each week and he immediately absorbed everything I shared with him… Read more »