Darshan: A Meeting of the Spirit

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Not everyone who met Maharajji was “opened” or “awakened” at the initial visit. Many came, enjoyed a pleasant visit, and left apparently unaffected. They seemed to have “no business” with Maharajji, that is, they were either unready to be touched so deeply, or the vehicle of the guru or this particular guru was not their… Read more »

Honoring the Spirit

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Taos Hanuman from left side PP

Maharaji honored purity of spirit, no matter what the tradition or lineage. He kept drawing us back from our concerns about individual differences, back beyond the forms, with his oft-reiterated remark, “Sub Ek (All one)!” ALL RELIGIONS ARE THE SAME. THEY ALL LEAD TO GOD. GOD IS EVERYBODY . . . THE SAME BLOOD FLOWS THROUGH… Read more »

The Great Escape

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What was to be Maharajji’s final day at Kainchi was spent in darshan, kirtan, and prayers. Both Indian and Western devotees were gathered. Maharajji was asking after everyone at the temple and elsewhere. Twice he put one of his Indian devotees into samadhi and brought him out of it by throwing his blanket over the man’s… Read more »

Maharaji and the Woman in the Hospital

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At a bhandara around 2001, I met a woman who had come for the first time. Some years ago a copy of Be Here Now had fallen into her hands, and after reading it she knew Maharaji was her guru. She lived in the rural midwest and had never had contact with any of Maharaji’s… Read more »