Sowing the Seeds of Devotion

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Tuma karuna ke sagara Tuma palana karata Mein sevaka tuma swami Kripa karo bharata Om jaya jagadeesha hare. You are an ocean of compassion You are the sustainer I am the servant, you the Lord Grant me your grace Hail to the Lord of the Universe – Verse from “Guru Arti” traditional Hindu devotional prayer…. Read more »

A Divine Person in a Human Frame

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Babaji was known as a great saint — a highly realized soul with all the spiritual powers. Writing about Baba, Swami Vijayananda, a disciple of Anandamayi Ma, called him “a yogi whose name radiates an aura of mystery and miracle.” We saw many of his miracles coming one after another; they continue even now. They… Read more »

Winter Camp

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As I have said before, when I first met Babaji I was not at all interested in sadhus or saints. It was out of sheer grace that he visited our house. Although many unusual things were happening, we failed to realize their importance or to see his hand in them. His visits meant some thrill… Read more »

The Touch of Grace

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One day in 1968 Maharaji sent word that a group of nine of us would go for a ride in the Land Rover. After one stop at an apple orchard, we went up into the mountains to a rest house owned by the forestry service. The servants there obviously were expecting us and were delighted… Read more »