The Sweetness We Remember

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Babaji could be so very affectionate, behaving just like a son to the Mothers. His great power, the miracles and such, no doubt were there, but the very soft, delicate, sweet and innocent impressions left by him provided a perennial source of joy—that human aspect. At night in Allahabad, Baba would take his food in… Read more »

Polishing Away the Anger

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Once I found myself becoming very angry while at Maharaji’s temple. Most of the anger was directed against my fellow Western devotees. Although there were perhaps some justifiable reasons for the anger, the fever pitch to which it had risen at the end of the two weeks was surprising, even to me. It was at… Read more »

Divine Channels

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Saints are one in their work as divine channels. They link us up with the source from which all bliss flows: love. They bake the unbaked pots and make them fit to receive the divine bliss. They illuminate the path by removing all the darkness that holds us back. Their work does not end with… Read more »

Pomegranate Seeds

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Living in the ashram at Kainchi I seldom had the opportunity to buy anything to offer Maharajji. Somehow I obtained a pomegranate one day. I waited until late afternoon when Maharajji would walk to the back and give darshan outdoors in front of the showers. Only a few ashram guests along with an occasional VIP… Read more »