Being at Home

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I was sitting for several months in Buddhist meditation in Bodh Gaya. About two-thirds of the way through the second month, this funny-looking little man started to appear in the upper-right-hand corner of my awareness. Every so often he’d smile. I wondered who he was and just watched him come and go. Later I began… Read more »

“Thul-Thul, Nan-Nan”

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When Maharajji came out you never knew what to expect. He could do the same thing a week in a row until you’d think, “Well, he’ll come out at 8:00.” Then he might not come out all day, or he might just go into another room and close the door and be in there for… Read more »

Mystery & Miracles

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Babaji was known as a great saint — a highly realized soul with all the spiritual powers. Writing about Baba, Swami Vijayananda, a disciple of Anandamayi Ma, called him “a yogi whose name radiates an aura of mystery and miracle.” We saw many of his miracles coming one after another; they continue even now. They… Read more »

Sowing the Seeds of Devotion

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Tuma karuna ke sagara Tuma palana karata Mein sevaka tuma swami Kripa karo bharata Om jaya jagadeesha hare. You are an ocean of compassion You are the sustainer I am the servant, you the Lord Grant me your grace Hail to the Lord of the Universe – Verse from “Guru Arti” traditional Hindu devotional prayer…. Read more »