Winter Camp

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As I have said before, when I first met Babaji I was not at all interested in sadhus or saints. It was out of sheer grace that he visited our house. Although many unusual things were happening, we failed to realize their importance or to see his hand in them. His visits meant some thrill… Read more »

The Touch of Grace

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One day in 1968 Maharaji sent word that a group of nine of us would go for a ride in the Land Rover. After one stop at an apple orchard, we went up into the mountains to a rest house owned by the forestry service. The servants there obviously were expecting us and were delighted… Read more »

The Bees Come Uninvited

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When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited. —RAMAKRISHNA We came to Maharajji’s feet, impelled by our yearning for the living spirit and drawn by his light. We came from Europe and Great Britain, the United States and Canada, Australia and South America. As Herman Hesse said of the fellow travelers in his Journey to the… Read more »

Darshan: A Meeting of the Spirit

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Not everyone who met Maharajji was “opened” or “awakened” at the initial visit. Many came, enjoyed a pleasant visit, and left apparently unaffected. They seemed to have “no business” with Maharajji, that is, they were either unready to be touched so deeply, or the vehicle of the guru or this particular guru was not their… Read more »