Meeting of the Ways

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An interview from the KQED “Meeting of the Ways” radio show, with Michael Toms and Will Noffke. Recorded in San Francisco, California on 10/18/1975. Part 1: Ram Dass speaks on his relationship with one of his teachers, a woman from Brooklyn, NY, who gave most or her teachings by telephone. Part 2: Ram Dass discusses listening… Read more »

Perspectives on Death

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PART 1: In this address, to the Bassett Hospital staff in Cooperstown, NY, Ram Dass points to the mystical perspective of life being seen as a preparation for death. He discusses different ways we can approach death to reduce the anxiety surrounding it, and explains the rationale behind setting up the Living/Dying Center. (Cooperstown, NY… Read more »

Ram Dass on Conscious Aging

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Recorded at the Conscious Aging conference sponsored by the Omega Institute in 1992 on the nature of change and facing death with Ram Dass. This conscious aging conference was the first of its kind on aging. Ram Dass had just turned sixty. In other cultures besides America, there are different feelings about aging. In India,… Read more »