Attachment & Addiction

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Ram Dass answers questions about attachment, addiction and relationships. The root of suffering is the clinging of the mind to the things which separate one from all of it. When that separation happens, there is incredible pain and in some profound way all of our actions henceforth are an attempt to return back into the… Read more »

Einstein Rational Mind

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Ram Dass talks about Einstein’s transcendence and arrival at the understanding of the laws of the universe – not solely by using his rational mind, but by going through another doorway into another way of thinking about the universe. Taken from the two-part audio set, “Who You Are” which is available as an audio download.

The Process for Awakening

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Image Credit: Patricia Ariel – Ram Dass talks about the process of using your life experiences as a vehicle for awakening. You sit with the process in yourself so that you see yourself get stuck, and then you see yourself come up for air, and you begin to notice where you are clinging…  

How to Remain Loving in the Face of Danger

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How can you remain loving when there is so much danger in the world? You are afraid that justice and love are not all they ought to be, you are afraid that if you were to stand open in love you will receive mockery…