Playlist: Methods to Consciousness (Pt. 1-4)

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Recorded on 4/18/1970 – Dublin, NH – Cumbres Growth Center Part 1: Ram Dass discusses the Western illusion of thinking that we always need to “do” something. When we learn to use that same energy to work on ourselves then we automatically change our surrounding environment. Through the method of Upaya, we use our senses to… Read more »

Audio Playlist: Growing out of Dualism

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Lecture Recorded February 3rd, 1970 – San Francisco, California Part 1: Beginning by quoting several sacred texts, Ram Dass explains how we begin with our belief in dualism as we seek non-dualism. He discusses growing to enlightenment and sharing purification through working on ourselves and our own energies. Ram Dass compares our spirits to the… Read more »

How To Deal With Suffering

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Ram Dass discusses the options and ways we deal with suffering. Taken from the audio set “Who You Are” which you can purchase as an MP3 playlist for $13 to support the Love Serve Remember Foundation.