Seasons of our Lives – Ram Dass

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A spacious reflection on the unfolding pattern of life and death, placing it in the context of nature’s flow of the seasons. A succinct statement of Ram Dass’ views of death and reincarnation, and of the soul’s journey into greater awareness in life after life… 11/19/1978 – Irvine, CA Photography by Jeremiah Goodman

Meditation: Transformation Through the Breath

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A 30 minute guided meditation with Ram Dass. We start by breathing in and out through our hearts, and breathing in the energy of the universe, the breath of God, and using that breath to expel everything in you that keeps you from knowing your true self, the separateness and feelings of unworthiness and self-pity,… Read more »

Minnesota Lecture

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Everything is either a vehicle for awakening or for going more deeply to sleep. When we identify with our roles, we need the others to play their roles. When Ram Dass was a psychologist, he needed you to be a patient. We have to let go of the fruit of the actions. The answer is… Read more »

Rest in the Timelessness

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With an introduction from Jack Kornfield, for the keynote address to the International Transpersonal Association conference, Ram Dass reflects on the predicament our technology has created. He suggests steps we need to make within ourselves to become a force of transformation in the world. (Prague, Czechoslovakia – June 1992)   Photo by Zach Dischner via… Read more »