Featured Lecture – ‘A Gathering of Souls’

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Ram Dass invites us to try on a new perspective for our lives – to take the Soul’s view of our incarnation as a journey into form and a reawakening into Awareness. (San Rafael, CA – 1995)   Photo by┬áMary Bloom

Featured Ram Dass Audio: ‘In the Face of Chaos’

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We live in the midst of great change – whether social dislocations or the aging of our bodies – which confront our egos with fear. How we work with our awareness in the face of that fear determines whether we can bring healing to the situations we encounter. (San Rafael, CA – 1994) Photos: Lisa… Read more »

Cultivating the Heart of Compassion

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What’s true?: Ram Dass speaks about cultivating compassion throughout ones spiritual journey in this ten part audio series. Image by Alice Popkorn via Flickr. Used under the creative commons license.