Lawfulness of the Universe

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Artwork by Sam Brown  It turns out that the universe is lawful – not in a logical law, by the way. The law I’m talking about is what would be called the divine law. That is, it’s not logical law in the sense that a is a and not b. It’s the law that includes paradox and all possibility. Within… Read more »

Words from Realized Beings

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Hanging out with realized beings or saints, with their words and pictures, is a way to inspire and find guidance for your own path. A realized being is like a pure mirror who shows you all of the places where there is dust on your own mirror. Such a being is a clear mirror because he or she… Read more »

Simple Truth

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I kept hoping to get esoteric teachings from Maharaj-ji, but when I asked, “How can I become enlightened?” he said things like, “Love everybody, serve everybody, and remember God,” or “Feed people.” When I asked, “How can I know God?” Maharaj-ji said, “The best form to worship God is in all forms. God is in everything.” These simple teachings,… Read more »

Embracing Aging within Society

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One of the things that’s helped me from not getting too trapped in our cultural models is that I do travel a great deal in other cultures. And in other cultures I’m always surprised at how different the feelings are that are generated around variables. Like in India when I went there last time, two… Read more »