Nobody Home

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The question of whether a being is fully realized or not depends on whether that being is really egoless or just appears to be. If a person still identifies with thought forms or desires, the work is not complete. In perfection there’s no clinging at all. Perhaps now you begin to see the subtlety of… Read more »

The Purpose of a Lineage

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Image Credit: © 2014 Judy Olson – My own lineage is reflected in the name Ram Dass, which means “servant of God.” It’s a path of devotion to God/Guru, and the expression of that devotion is through service to all beings. Mother Teresa reflected this lineage when she spoke of serving the lepers in… Read more »

Beyond Conditions

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(Artwork by Kelly Lundeen: The optimal strategy in behavior change, with yourself and every other human being, is compassion. That means, as far as I understand it, the ability to see how it all is. As long as you have certain desires about how you think it ought to be, you can’t hear how it… Read more »

Increasing the Amount of Consciousness

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(Artwork by Gene-Manuel Whirling: Now does working on yourself have anything to do with whether you protest, march, drop out, drop in? No, it has nothing whatsoever to do with that, because at any moment you are consciousness involved in a nature package. That nature package includes your heredity, your environment, all of your personality… Read more »