Embracing Aging within Society

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One of the things that’s helped me from not getting too trapped in our cultural models is that I do travel a great deal in other cultures. And in other cultures I’m always surprised at how different the feelings are that are generated around variables. Like in India when I went there last time, two… Read more »

Dying Consciously

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My view has evolved to seeing death — the moment of death — as a ceremony. If people are sitting with you to help as you are going through this dying ceremony, help them to see you as the soul you truly are, not as your ego. If they identify you as your ego, during the last part… Read more »

Walking in the Dharma

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Artwork by H. Spencer Young (http://www.hspenceryoung.com/)   When I start to get angry, I see my predicament and how I’m getting caught in expectations and righteousness. Learning to give up anger has been a continuous process. When Maharaj-ji told me to love everyone and tell the truth, he also said, “Give up anger, and I’ll help you with it.”… Read more »

The Game of Enlightenment

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Question: If a Western man were to become totally enlightened, what would happen to other people and to his feelings, especially lovers? Ram Dass: Let me start with the word “love” for a moment. I think there is a transformation that goes on in one’s conception of the term “love.” And I think one changes… Read more »