Episode 34 – Promises and Pitfalls

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Ram Dass talks about the promises and the pitfalls of the spiritual path, and the shift of reality that happened in the sixties that was predicated by psychedelics. This shift blew apart the traditional religious systems that were in place at the time, and the psychedelics gave people a connection that they had never experienced… Read more »

Episode 32 – Battle Between Mind & Heart

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There’s another way of being in the universe. The Chinese call it “the heart mind” or as we may call it “the intuitive mind.” Rather than knowing through dualistic means or thinking about it, one subjectively merges with it, becomes one with it. It’s like the difference between wisdom and knowledge.

Episode 31 – Aging and Awakening

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The nature of aging is change. We are fascinated by watching that which changes. When change starts to happenĀ to who we think we are, the fascination turns into fear. We are living in a system that is out of balance; the zeal for independence and individuality has left us alienated from the structures of family,… Read more »