Episode 31 – Aging and Awakening

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The nature of aging is change. We are fascinated by watching that which changes. When change starts to happen to who we think we are, the fascination turns into fear. We are living in a system that is out of balance; the zeal for independence and individuality has left us alienated from the structures of family,… Read more »

Episode 30 – Risk Being Human

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What we offer each other is our truth, which includes all of our “stuff.” We have to allow ourselves to be human. The way to the truth is through acknowledging the fullness of where we find ourselves to be, which is through our humanity and our divinity.   TRANSCRIPTION Raghu Markus:  Hi and welcome to Ram… Read more »

Episode 29 – Personality & Emotions

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One cultivates spaciousness or awareness which allows you to acknowledge the emotions and see them as part of the human condition. Emotions are like subtle thought forms and they all arise in response to something outside yourself. They are all reactions. You cultivate a quietness in yourself that watches these emotions rising and falling and… Read more »

Episode 28 – Human Heart

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Media can destroy the message in the way it delivers it, similarly, as long as I have a price I am transmitting fear, because I have something to lose. The minute I have no price, I can transmit perfect joy of presence and freedom.