19 Jul 2011
July 19, 2011

Love is the Most Powerful Medicine

In relationships, when the other person doesn’t fit into your model of how heaven would be, you don’t have to play God. You just have to love individual differences and appreciate them the way they are. Because love is the most powerful medicine. read more →

06 Jul 2011
July 6, 2011

When I Look at Relationships

Image Credit: Annie B - www.annieb-art.co.uk Question: How can we maintain our own integrity or identity in a relationship, especially a close one, without compromising the integrity of others? Ram Dass: Which you do you want to preserve?    Let me play with it a little bit.   When I look at relationships, my own and others, I.. read more →

02 Jun 2011
June 2, 2011

The Idea of a Soul Mate

Question: The problem seems to be that when you are in a relationship, in the beginning everything is happening, but when you marry that person it changes.  I’ve been in several relationships, major relationships, and been married and divorced twice and I’m searching for something special.  Something I’ve been told has been called a soul.. read more →