Everything is Perfect

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About two weeks after we got to Kainchi Maharaji said, “Doctor, I have a headache,” so I ran to the back rooms where I had my medical supplies and pulled out aspirin with codeine. I was thinking, “Now, really, do I want to give this man codeine?” He was, after all, an old man, and… Read more »

Open Your Heart in Paradise 2013 Scrapbook

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From December 4-9th we congregated on the beautiful shore of Napili Bay on Maui to share our hearts with Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman and Mirabai Bush for our Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat. We shared delicious meals together, practiced yoga with the fantastic Saraswati Markus (including savasana in the Pacific!)… Read more »

The Bridge Between Self & Soul

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Question: I’d like to know about forgiveness as a bridge between the separate self and the awakened soul. Ram Dass: That’s a nice way of phrasing the question. It’s a step on a ladder that goes from dualism into non-dualism. Because as you forgive or allow or acknowledge or say “Of course you’re human” or… Read more »