30 May 2012
May 30, 2012

Dying Into Love: A Letter from Ram Dass


Dying Into Love with Ram Dass, Joan Halifax, Dale Borglum & Bodhi Be.

My first journey to India was, in part, a result of an interest I had in better understanding death. Sitting at the funeral ghats in Benares watching the families watch the bodies of their loved ones burn showed me how in Eastern culture death is part of life. Looking back to the West I could see that death was hidden from the consciousness of the culture.

Since returning from India in late 60’s I’ve been sitting by deathbeds and through my spiritual life I have confronted my own beliefs around death. Now is the time for us all to consider what we’re missing as a culture because of our disconnection from our own mortality.

Joan Halifax Roshi, Dale Borglum, Bodhe Be and I, with the help of Sam Small, have prepared this series of videos we call Dying Into Love, taken from three emotional workshops where we sought to present the truth of death as we know it.

Some of the participants are professional caregivers, some are dying themselves, and some are spiritual people who wish to consider the issues of death as a way of enhancing their own consciousness and move closer to God.

The combination of presenters in the Dying Into Love videos offer you a depth and breath of information about death, and life,  that I trust you will find intriguing.


Ram Dass

Go to dyingintolove.com for more information and to register for this video series.

  • Elaine Scime

    I am very much interested. I hope when I go to the website there will be more information. For a long time I have wanted to find someone to ask some questions about so many things, including death. But, I don’t know where or how to find that person. Perhaps, my search has ended.

  • Karen A. Trujillo

    Already have experienced at least 3 yrs. of bedside hospice work w/ personal care for the dying. I am familiar w/ “dying into love”…Ram Dass’. What I found (in retrospect) is variations based on personal beliefs, (religious & spiritual…ethnic backgrounds, etc.) It isn’t wise, when working w/ the dying, to ( “lay on your own personal trips”…beliefs, etc.). I was fortunate to have worked in a hospice which accommodated most ” individual ” ( & family beliefs ).The “founder” began it w/ that concept, which I respect.

  • Patricia

    I have always not feared but ached/hurt from death. I personally am not afraid to die, but recently became a widow. And in going through this grief I came to a place in myself knowing that I wanted to make sure that no one had to die alone (unless it was their wish. I just broke my heart to think of the lonliness. Through 1 phone call I have connected with a hospice that has an ’11th Hour group’ of which I am now working towards. My hospice adventure has just begun, and I feel such a goodness, joy in my soul, in loving these folks so much. I look forward to learning more with this site and those connected to it. I was brought to it at just the right time. Blessings, P.

  • http://www.dyingintolove.com Sam Small

    Dying Into Love is now available online at http://www.dyingintolove.com Come and see why better understanding death can make for a more fulfilling life now.

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  • Erica

    I was in a very similar situation, I had much fear and anxiety and looked to everyone else for answers. Teachers, friends, family, religious institutions…I looked everywhere. Just until recently I have begun to learn that the answers to the questions that our minds so desperately seek, really lie completely within our own being. While I have found it helpful to listen and read from beautiful beings, such as Ram Dass, they are just guides to this intricate complex web that we call the Universe. I have decided to learn and understand “just this much” and since I have begun to become quiet and let my mind rest in order to hear my inner being, many of my answers have come to me. I hope that you have found a few of your own answers as well, Namaste.