08 Jan 2014
January 8, 2014

Everything is Perfect


About two weeks after we got to Kainchi Maharaji said, “Doctor, I have a headache,” so I ran to the back rooms where I had my medical supplies and pulled out aspirin with codeine. I was thinking, “Now, really, do I want to give this man codeine?” He was, after all, an old man, and I didn’t know what his response would be. As I was fumbling with my vials, Maharaji sent me a message that he didn’t want a pill; he wanted an ointment. At the time I really wasn’t very big on ointments, and all I had was pills, so I had to tell him that I didn’t have any ointments.

Chaitanya came to the rescue, though, with some Essential Balm, a Chinese ointment that comes in a small, tightly sealed red container. Being very happy that a Western doctor had managed to get some balm for this poor old man who had a headache, I raced back to Maharaji, tripping over the devotees sitting in front of him, lunged over to him, and handed him the little container. And he said, “Oh doctor! Your medicine is so good! This is wonderful! This is exactly the medicine I wanted!” He looked at it and tried unsuccessfully to open it. (He didn’t have that much patience with these kinds of things.)

Then, putting the closed container on top of his head, he said, “Doctor! This medicine is so good. It’s wonderful. It’s taken away my headache completely. Oh, doctor, you’re such a wonderful doctor! You’re so good. Your medicine is wonderful. Everything is perfect. My headache is completely gone.”

Excerpt from Miracle of Love: Stories about Neem Karoli Baba, compiled by Ram Dass

  • Newfirelock

    This moment

    This moment is the one

    We’ve been waiting for

    Even in darkness and strife

    There are no others

    The past was not better

    Nor will the future be

    What we’ve been looking for

    Has always been here

    Always was

    Always is

    And always will be

    Hope, with all it’s promise

    Is a deceiver of good intent

    The real lover

    The true friend

    The faithful one

    Is this timeless moment

    Which, when darkness and strife seem to prevail

    Invites us to surrender to it’s unconditional purity

    James Rogers Bush