10 Apr 2013
April 10, 2013

Fully Here and Now



tumblr_lnw5oaoigv1qm08grAsk yourself: Where am I? 
Answer: Here. 
Ask yourself: What time is it? 
Answer: Now. 
Say it until you can hear it. 

Set alarm clocks or design your day or put up notes on the wall so that a number of times during the day when you are in the midst of various occupations you confront yourself with the questions:
(a) Where Am I? and then answer (see answer below) 
(b) What time is it? and then answer (see answer below)

Each time you do this, try to feel the immediacy of the Here and Now. Begin to notice that wherever you go or whatever time it is by the clock . . . it is ALWAYS HERE AND NOW. In fact you will begin to see that you can’t get away from the HERE and NOW. Let the clock and the earth do their ‘thing’ . . . let the comings and goings of life continue . . . But YOU stay HERE and NOW. This is an exercise to bring you to the ETERNAL PRESENT . . . where it all is.

For specific periods of time focus your thoughts in the present.


Reflect on the thought that if you are truly Here and Now
(a) it is ENOUGH, and
(b) you will have optimum power and understanding to do the best thing at the given moment. Thus when ‘then’ (the future) becomes Now — if you have learned this discipline — you will then be in an ideal position to do the best thing. So you need not spend your time now worrying about then.

Reflect on the fact that you can plan the future in the Here and Now as long as when then is Now . . . you are fully Here and Now. Seem paradoxical? Of course! Keep reflecting!

Answers:    (a) HERE     (b) NOW

Excerpt from Be Here Now by Ram Dass – now available as an iBook. 

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  • http://www.etherichealer.com Jule

    With love and deep appreciation for Baba Ram Dass! He was so important to so many of us and his words are as relevant now as when I read them in 1971! ✮ ¨*•.¸ . ~❤

  • http://mcclunatic.blogspot.com Tommy

    Thank you for this, I finished the core book this morning and am in the middle of the podcasts of Ram Dass’ detailed lectures from late 60′s early 70′s. It is a pleasure to find these “secrets” shared so freely, right out in the open where they have been all along. They are a balm, a source of beauty and a joy to experience, here & now.

  • Christy Davis

    I read this book when I was 17 yrs old. I was young, but I was going through some hard times. A good friend of mine committed suicide and I went to some dark places. This book brought me back into the light. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed these words, thank you. <3

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  • John DiStefano