10 Jul 2013
July 10, 2013

God Plays the Lila


In my youth I had taken a vow not to get married, from the day my aunt, who had raised me, died. My family tried to get me married, but I was adamant. When I was between the ages of twenty-five and thirty, Maharaji would tell me not to get married and told people that I was tubercular or had cancer, and that I was dying. In my thirtieth year, Maharaji asked me, “Do you want to get married?”

“No,” I answered. Maharaji then admired my shirt and asked to have it. He asked what sort of shirts I had before I started college, and I replied that I had only one old, torn shirt, but it served the purpose. Maharaji then asked how many I had now, and I said twelve. When asked why I had so many, I replied that as a teacher in public school, I had to maintain a certain code of dress or I’d be fired. Maharaji said, “No, no it is not this. Now you want to get married. You could have done with one shirt. If I ask you to marry, what will you do?” I told him, in that case I’d have to marry, but the responsibility would be Maharaji’s. For eight days Maharaji continued to press for my marriage.

On the eighth morning, Maharaji set off to catch the train. On the way to the station, he turned off the road to a young woman’s house and beckoned me to go in with him. There was kirtan going on and Maharaji was sitting in the puja room. I was called in and so was the young woman. Maharaji asked if I’d marry this girl, but I refused. Maharaji said, “If I asked you to?” I replied that the responsibility would be Maharaji’s. First Maharaji said, “I’ll not do it.” Then he said, “All right, all right. I’ll solemnize the marriage!” He put tilaks on our foreheads and said, “There, I’ve got you married! Do you accept it?”

Later Maharaji said, “Don’t think that I or you have done this. God plays the lila in his own way. No role of mine, none of yours. It was to happen! My wife and I have been very happy for over twenty-five years.

- Excerpt from Miracle of Love: Stories about Neem Karoli Baba


  • Will Butler

    Hmmm, there is a Dharma Secret in this story, which I will have to skirt around and find a simple way to say what it means without revealing the secret, per se. “Man is not meant to be alone” (includes woman) is a paradox, as it actually addresses a higher state of being for a man or woman, the enlightened state of a greater/major initiation. Firstly, the contradiction, is that students must devote their focused time and attention and effort to one thing and one thing only, and that is to attaining Spiritual Enlightenment. There is not one thing in this world that is more important. All else, if one can just realize it, leads to Suffering. The Disciple, if he or she is to be a True Disciple, must leave all else to follow The Master. Hence, the unenlightened man/disciple is meant to be alone. There can be no distractions, no straying from The Path. However, down The Path of the schools which do not demand “celibacy “, including for its Masters, and dependent on your own personal, individual Path, you might, as has this Master, be put together with a perfect mate, whom is equally enlightened. Again, this does not happen until the student attains a certain, specific, greater/major initiation. Secondly, the reality, is that the unenlightened Human is NOT capable of being The Perfect Mate, and will not be ready for The Perfect Mate until he or she is a much higher initiate, a Perfected Soul, but when he or she IS at that enlightened state, he or she receives a Divine Gift… Divine Love in a Divine Package. The rest of the details the student will have to be taught after the second greater/major initiation, including the reason why not all Masters have wives on the Physical Plane. (Lucky you if you do get one in the physical.)