Heart-to-Heart conversations with Ram Dass are an opportunity to share sacred one-on-one space with Ram Dass.  Reaching out one-on-one in cyberspace is treasured by Ram Dass, who affords time each week for these calls.  Sessions are typically held via Skype, but you can also participate using just a telephone.

Heart-to-Heart sessions are reserved for donors of Love Serve Remember Foundation.  Your generous donations will sustain and augment Ram Dass’ teachings so he can continue to connect to individuals one-on-one. If you are a current donor to the foundation please email [email protected] to set up your session.  Namaste.


Your contribution also helps us to produce videos, free downloads, weekly podcasts, blogs, social media outreach, and most importantly to digitize and preserve Ram Dass’ vast archive of over forty years of audio and visual media for future generations.