18 Oct 2012
October 18, 2012

I Am Loving Awareness


My Guru, Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaji) has affected me by loving me, and therefore I love you. So this is a meditation. You attend with your mind to a point in the heart space in the middle of the chest and you will say “I am loving awareness. I am loving awareness.” You were “I am ego” and now you’re going to become the reality of your true self with a capital “S.” As you sink into this practice you’re going to start thinking about things like “I can do without this, this is crap” and that’s the ego. When Maharaji said to me “I want you to love everybody” I said “I can’t do it” which meant that my ego couldn’t do it, and he just ignored it because he wanted to dance with my soul.

Keep repeating to yourself  “I am loving awareness. I am loving awareness.” Remember to mentally focus your attention in the middle of the chest. You are going to make loving awareness the pivot point of your consciousness. In the future you will know yourself as loving awareness- if somebody asks you your name of course you don’t say “I am loving awareness” but you will say to yourself, while walking down the street or going into the marketplace, “I am loving awareness.” Now take on that identity instead of the identity you had before. You shift your identity to “I am loving awareness.” The awareness is not a thing, it’s no objective thing. You can’t point to awareness- you’re aware of your eyes seeing, you’re aware of your ears hearing, you’re aware of your thoughts as they come out of your mind. So “this will never work” is a thought, and just label it as a thought. Label thoughts. This loving awareness is the witness of your incarnation.

~Ram Dass



  • David J


    Thank-you for taking chances for us. Thank-you for sharing with us. Thank-you for opening our minds and hearts to a new way of living. Thank-you for changing the world for the better. Thank-you for the love we feel from you in your writings and videos. Thank-you for making a difference in my life which maes a difference in my childrens life. THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tess Cordill

    Hello Sweet Soul,
    I had the honor of experiencing you, Ram Dass, in Southern CA, Huntington Beach, at the Church of Religious Science, Peggy Bassett was our Minisiter…..I think of her often, for she was the first person in my life that practiced what she preached and held herself accountable (with love) for her “stuff” and she shared her process with us……and she asked you to come to our church to share your experiences and insights and love and humor and then we were to all OM together……..there were so many of us that wanted this experience with you that we had to move to the high school gym so we could all fit inside…….OH MY WHAT AN EXPERIENCE…..I cherish it to this day……I floated off the ground, by what felt like at least 4 ft., for days afterwards…….and I can still recall the peace, grace, body chills (which is ALWAYS Spirit affirming the experince) of those glorious voices that were rising and falling in tone and in dynamics……..like a waterfall of LOVE through Sound……..Thank you for sharing your spiritual awakening/acsensioning process with so much unconditional love that was and is, extended to me directly, as you do with all that feel the Light of your Soul, thank you my brother, for in TRUTH we are One Family, Namaste, I love you. :)

  • Jane Jones

    “I am loving awareness.”