Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat 2010
in Maui, HI

Krishna Das talks about coming together for the Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat in 2010. He reflects on Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Dass and being Love.

For more information about this year’s Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat please visit: Open Your heart in Paradise Retreat 2011

  • Bridget Warner

    Forever in the pass, irrevocably in the present, and never lost in the future is the work I did with Ram Dass ‘n Company in the 70s and early ’80s at the Lama Foundation, ABQ, Santa Fe, and Taos. The mere image of the radiance of Stephen Levine’s smile can light my room – Judith Scranton’s (sp?) sweet call of OM is still crisp. Sitting with RD on the grass in small groups and being known to him on a first name basis meant everything and still does . . . and the resonance of Krishna Das’ kirtans still vibrate within my Heart. Never ending opulence is felt when I revisit these places Within . . .

  • karen kuehn

    Thank you for sharing this reminder of love mirroring and seeking and a letting present….Present that is it…the gift of being INTO IT.

    if you ever want a photographer …pull me into the mix…I don t have the funds to come to HI now but I dream and send love..tonglen …. into the world love….farm…in NM…love and poetic justice.

    thank you.

    hand to heart.

  • Bob Schneider

    Nice to hear your voice, KD. That little dose of satsang back in 2004 or 5 when you were in Australia brought the time spent with Maharaji back into focus in my heart. Thank you. I was about to say “I wish I could teleport myself to Maui” when “Sri Ram, Jai Ram . . .” popped into my head and teleported me back to Kainchi. How could someone as dumb as I have gotten so lucky?