05 Feb 2014
February 5, 2014



Maharaji’s appearance had a childlike innocence. He welcomed people openly, and they in turn talked freely with him. If someone requested Baba to speak, he would feign ignorance and say he didn’t know anything; he directed his words to individuals rather than groups. Likewise, displays of knowledge or oratory did not impress Baba, who said that even the children of India were proficient at this. He called lectures or sermons the gymnastics of words and said, “Whatever we experience and learn through the mind and the senses is not the truth.”

Baba’s knowledge, like the great prophets, Christ, Kabir, Ramakrishna, Mohammed, and St. Peter, encompassed universal truths far deeper than academic knowledge. Living in a simple manner among ordinary people, Baba taught by his own conduct and caused an awakening in them. The past, present, and future were all within Baba’s vision, but it was only through his lila that one could catch a glimpse of his vastness. Maharaji would see into the minds and hearts of people, and reading their innermost thoughts, use his power to relieve suffering, inspire faith, and fulfill desires.

Excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida” 

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