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02 Oct 2013
October 2, 2013

Walking in the Dharma

Artwork by H. Spencer Young (   When I start to get angry, I see my predicament and how I’m getting caught in expectations and righteousness. Learning to give up anger has been a continuous process. When Maharaj-ji told me to love everyone and tell the truth, he also said, “Give up anger, and I’ll help you with it.”.. read more →

25 Sep 2013
September 25, 2013

The Game of Enlightenment

Question: If a Western man were to become totally enlightened, what would happen to other people and to his feelings, especially lovers? Ram Dass: Let me start with the word “love” for a moment. I think there is a transformation that goes on in one’s conception of the term “love.” And I think one changes.. read more →

19 Sep 2013
September 19, 2013

It’s All Perfect

Having been in the presence of Maharaj-ji, I have come to trust the way a being like that is in the universe. It’s like knowing somebody who lives a little farther up the mountain and can see farther than you can. The view from there is perfection — not perfection as something to be achieved, but perfection in what.. read more →

11 Sep 2013
September 11, 2013

Finding a Way to be With Death

Aging gives us a chance to learn to use the shadows in our life as vehicles for our awakening — and the longest shadow of all is death. How you relate to death is the key spiritual work of aging. And how you see death is a function of how much you identify with that.. read more →

04 Sep 2013
September 4, 2013

Cultivating the Witness

One way to get free of attachment is to cultivate the witness consciousness, to become a neutral observer of your own life. The witness place inside you is simple awareness, the part of you that is aware of everything — just noticing, watching, not judging, just being present, being here now. The witness is actually.. read more →