09 Aug 2012
August 9, 2012

Episode 15 – Samadhi

Raghu tells about Maharaji and the people who were put into a state of deep Samadhi by him, which is the complete absorbtion into the divine. Ram Dass tells a story about a group of Indian soldiers who came to see him and how he kept one soldier behind to put into a trance state… read more →

01 Aug 2012
August 1, 2012

Episode 14 – Meditation

Raghu tells a story about going to a meditation course with some of the Westerners in India, and how Maharaji was amused by the notion so asked them to explain to him what they learned about meditation and how to meditate. Ram Dass also talks about meditation and focuses on a very simple and effective.. read more →

24 Jul 2012
July 24, 2012

Episode 13 – Fast Forward

In 1974, in the wake of the Nixon Watergate hearings, Ram Dass produced a box set of LP’s called Love Serve Remember. Included in the set were excerpts from a radio show he did that consisted of Q&A from audience members. It’s amazing how relevant Ram Dass’ answers to these questions are to our own.. read more →

18 Jul 2012
July 18, 2012

Episode 12 – Behind it All

Raghu takes his friend Krishna Das to visit Maharaji, who gives a teaching on the oneness of all traditions. Ram Dass talks about going behind our personalities and individual incarnation and karma back to the source of Om.   In order for us to be able to make these teachings available to everyone, we need.. read more →

10 Jul 2012
July 10, 2012

Episode 11 – Letting it All Go

While in India, Ram Dass becomes angry at the Westerners, and Maharaji tells him to give up anger and that he would help him to release it. In his lecture he discusses yoga and how all is one – energy is the same exact thing as what we call “consciousness”, the universe is conscious –.. read more →