25 Mar 2013
March 25, 2013

Episode 36 – Promises & Pitfalls Pt. 3


The spiritual journey is a different path than what you thought you were on. It’s very hard to make the transition to that path because we tend to take the power from the spiritual work we do to make our lives “nice” – but that’s not what the path offers. The path offers freedom, but freedom demands complete surrender. The dialogue between the mind and the heart has become out of balance in our culture.


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  • Juanita

    I LOVE this lecture!!!!

  • Flame Schon

    Hello there, I don’t know your name but I came to India in 1970, went to Pondicherry to see The Mother in Nov 1970, and stayed for several years, first in Pondicherry and then in Auroville until April ’74—so I know the scene of which you speak. I lived in several Auroville communities finally building a house on the beach. I forget the name of the community. Your journey is necessarily different from mine. Having stayed in Auroville for as long as I did, I simply surrendered to the simple state of being there. It was where I lived and life just went on. Nonetheless I was simply changed. And leaving Auroville, going to live in Himalaya for awhile then back to South India – Kodaikanal….one learned over time…surrender, and also how to simply wait. And gratitude. Having nowhere to return to I was simply where I was.
    I’m enjoying the little bits on Facebook. Thank you,
    Flame Schon (formerly Diane Rochlin)

  • tony italiano

    Richard Alpert PhD The Nicest Guy In The Universe…The Dream Weaver