24 Apr 2012
April 24, 2012

Ram Dass "Here and Now" Podcast Released

Ram Dass Podcast ep. 1 Listen to the First Podcast Episode Here

In the last six years Ram Dass has shifted his models of communication. It is now through digital media and the internet that he spends most of his time teaching and sharing.

At the beginning of his journey when “Be Here Now” was published, radio was a big part of how people discovered Ram Dass. I was the program director of a free-form rock radio station in Montreal Quebec when I met Ram Dass and was transformed by his story, his honesty, his wisdom and his humor. After interviewing him at the station we began to broadcast his recorded lectures alongside Dylan, Hendrix and The Dead.

This podcast is a product of that time – when we were mixing Ram Dass’ story of transformation with music and DJ interludes. It’s also a reflection of my journey to the East- my tracking Ram Dass down in India and following him to the foothills of the Himalayas which lead to my encounter with Neem Karoli Baba.

When Ram Dass came back after first meeting his Guru he was told not to mention him at all when he got back to America. But that’s all Ram Dass did when he came back home. The models may have shifted for Ram Dass, but his desire to share the wisdom he has gathered over the years has remained.

Raghu Markus, Host of Ram Dass Here and Now

  • Hanuman Tirtha

    Hello Raghu, My Love to You and Ram Das and Thanks for putting this together for all of us . I do not know if you have recieved this message from me before , I have tried to Thank you many times for a brief conversation we had over 30 years ago that took me over 20 years to “get” You said Tirth, “There is no duality” I had no idea what you were talking about back then, but you had an impact on my life and I have not forgotten you. Namaste old friend!

  • Suzette Williams

    I had the good fortune to see Ram Dass in person on Easter weekend in Virginia Beach many years ago and wondered about his life since then. I just watched Fierce Grace. So wonderful. I have many unanswered questions about my life and the film gave me a measure of peace and healing about growing older without the soulmate I never connected with in physical reality. Still feel his presence though. He is still on the earth. I am 62 now.

  • Suzette Williams

    Who is Bhakti Siva? Is there a guru with this name? Suzette Williams

  • http://Etsy.com/shops/karmaglass Kevin Kuhn

    Hello Markus and Ram Dass

    Thanks so much for this awesome content. I wanted to check in with the community and inquire if the podcast is on a hiatus or if it just took a week off. I find myself so looking forward to hearing more from both ram dass and markus that i just wanted to check in.

    Much Love and Many Blessings

    Kevin Kuhn