We’ve just released this exclusive video featuring Ram Dass and Roshi Joan Halifax called Love, Buddha Mind & Beyond. This intimate exchange gives you a taste of the incredible wisdom and heart embodied by these two esteemed teachers.  Please consider a donation to support the Love Serve Remember foundation so we can continue to produce videos like this. 

  • kinikia

    Witnessing my sister’s passing, I observed her body become like a rocket. Her legs shot forward and her arms rose in a straight line as well. I had the impression we were witnessing her soul departing. When I asked the Hospice team about this experience, they put very little meaning behind the soul interpretation. I have read that the body weighs less right after the soul departs (usually within a minute).

    Do you know of this?


  • http://n/a Megaloo-loo

    Wonderful to listen to. Ram Dass seems quite fluent and Joan is just lovely. Interesting to hear Ram Dass speak of the individual “soul” and the reincarnation of that particular “soul” ….. especially in these Advaita’istic times when the absolute is emphasized; the absolute over the relative. It almost seems quaint to speak of such concepts as “soul” and reincarnation of “soul” and yet I am glad that Ram does so. Attachments of the mind leads to the working out of karma.

  • Peter Edwards

    The most beautiful part of this video is just watching Joan smile and touch RD as the conversation continues.

    This is BEING LOVE. So moving and profound.

    Thank you!!!!!