Views: 280 | Posted July 17, 2014

Love has to spring spontaneously from within, and does not come from an outside force. You can not coerce love or force love, it must be awakened inside thro...

Views: 413 | Posted July 17, 2014

A rare and early recording from a 1966 LSD Conference at the University of California - Prior to his travels in India, Ram Dass talks about exploring various...

Views: 124 | Posted July 17, 2014

Ram Dass continues his discussion of the various ways in which we attempt to achieve higher states of consciousness and that LSD does not get us there all th...

Views: 105 | Posted July 17, 2014

Baba Ram Dass answers several questions about the use of psychedelics, finding other techniques to 'turn on' and creating a setting or environment that will ...

Views: 147 | Posted July 9, 2014

Part 2 of an interview with Ram Dass and Terry Patten from 2010. What determines the decisions we make, and who is really making them to begin with? When we ...

Views: 889 | Posted June 27, 2014

Ram Dass holds a Thanksgiving Satsang alongside Larry Brilliant in Maui, 2012. The long-time friends discuss a range of topics including bhakti, Hanuman, ser...

Views: 161 | Posted June 27, 2014

Ram Dass concludes his interview with Terry Patten with a discussion of his continued inspiration through the power of unconditional love.

Views: 982 | Posted June 27, 2014

Ram Dass chats with author and teacher, Terry Patten, about the current state of spirituality in our culture, and how to possiby address some of the systemic...

Views: 385 | Posted June 25, 2014

A brief meditation focused on creating loving awareness.

Views: 196 | Posted June 25, 2014

Ram Dass explains the instructions given to him by Maharaji.

Views: 386 | Posted June 20, 2014

Ram Dass explaining the difficulty often encountered in surrendering to the guru, and what exactly it is that we are surrendering to.

Views: 249 | Posted June 20, 2014

Ram Dass initially felt that Maharaji's miracles were what pulled him in. He eventually came to understand that it was his unconditional love.

Views: 292 | Posted June 20, 2014

Ram Dass talks about his early impressions of Maharaji and the other people he initially encountered in India. "They were living in their souls"

Views: 288 | Posted June 20, 2014

Ram Dass chats with Krishna Das about chanting and remembering Maharaji, from the Omega Institute in 2012.

Views: 280 | Posted June 19, 2014

A segment taken from Ram Dass' appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Views: 1274 | Posted June 19, 2014

A potent love-centered meditation, taken from a webcast on 10-21-2012.

Views: 208 | Posted June 19, 2014

Ram Dass describes his experience in traveling to the sacred city of Benares, in India. Taken from a 2009 retreat in Maui.

Views: 174 | Posted June 18, 2014

Taken from the Open Your Heart in Paradise retreat in December of 2009, Gopal Singer recounts his stories of meeting Maharaji.

Views: 347 | Posted June 17, 2014

Ram Dass talks about Maharaji's exchange with a young girl about suffering.

Views: 328 | Posted June 16, 2014

Krishna Das continues the story of his mother coming to India and meeting Maharaji.

Views: 845 | Posted June 13, 2014

Ram Dass uses the channels on a television as an analogy for different levels of consciousness.

Views: 808 | Posted June 9, 2014

Join Ram Dass & Zen Master Bernie Glassman for a live monthly webcast from Maui on Sunday, June 8th at 2pm HST/5pm PDT/8pm EDT. If you are not a current donor to the Love Serve Remember Foundatio...

Views: 451 | Posted June 3, 2014

An interesting audio clip taken from a CBS interview in which Ram Dass discusses psychedelics and society.

Views: 846 | Posted June 3, 2014

Recorded January, 2014 at Ram Dass' home on Maui.

Views: 143 | Posted June 2, 2014

What is surrendering to the guru?

Views: 282 | Posted June 2, 2014

How do relationships fit into the bigger picture in life?

Views: 173 | Posted June 2, 2014

Ram Dass talks about roles and souls.

Views: 195 | Posted June 2, 2014

How can Hatha yoga bring you to God?

Views: 318 | Posted June 2, 2014

Ram Dass tells us what Maharaji told him to do about dealing with anger.

Views: 221 | Posted June 2, 2014

What is the best way to deal with physical desire?

Views: 178 | Posted June 2, 2014

What are the chakras? What do they do? Does the heart chakra help us to feel compassion for one another?

Views: 176 | Posted June 2, 2014

How do we overcome the fear of judgment from others?

Views: 2289 | Posted June 2, 2014

Ram Dass talks to Antoinette Lilly about his experience while swimming with dolphins.

Views: 395 | Posted May 29, 2014

Ram Dass continues his discussion with Antoinette Lilly.

Views: 637 | Posted May 29, 2014

Ram Dass continues his discussion with Antoinette Lilly.

Views: 1202 | Posted May 26, 2014

Krishna Das discusses true surrender and the role that Maharaji played in opening him to that place within himself. December 2010.

Views: 1212 | Posted May 23, 2014

Krishna Das gives a prayer for peace during a kirtan at the Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat on December 10, 2011.

Views: 339 | Posted May 19, 2014

How do we reduce the desire for material things?

Views: 127 | Posted May 19, 2014

Ram Dass/Deepak Chopra Retreat. Maui, March 2007. All the cells of our bodies are thinking. Emotions affect every cell of our bodies. Our whole body is a min...

Views: 84 | Posted May 19, 2014

Ram Dass introduces musical performances by Robert Wasserman and Bob Weir at environmental conference.

Views: 367 | Posted May 19, 2014

Ram Dass answers questions submitted online at the August 2010 webcast, one in a monthly series of live web events. Ends with a meditation guided by Ram Dass...

Views: 45 | Posted May 19, 2014

Shivaya talks about Maharaji's love. He was washing the pots and was leaving, Maharaji was walking towards him. It was just the two of them and it freaked hi...

Views: 138 | Posted May 19, 2014

Devotee tells story of Maharaji's siddhis. He had a dream about Maharaji where Maharaji had a big pot of noodles and the devotee had a small plate of noodles...

Views: 93 | Posted May 19, 2014

First ever Ram Dass Live Stream Event. What is faith? Andrew Sullivan did an article in Time Magazine on Faith where he described destructive political leade...

Views: 58 | Posted May 19, 2014

Maui. Retreat in the 2000's. Ram Dass discusses his stroke and the necessity of faith to experience grace. The firemen there thought he was going to die. He ...

Views: 66 | Posted May 19, 2014

Our dissatisfaction emerges out of ego fear, yet we can transcend this quickly by going inside, by surrendering, by appreciating the "silent moment" - then w...

Views: 302 | Posted May 19, 2014

Maui. Segments from the workshop with Ram Dass and Roshi Joan Halifax. Joan talks about how the process of dying is not clearly understood. She talks about t...

Views: 51 | Posted May 19, 2014

Maui. October 2006 Ram Dass retreat on Maui. KK Shah leads kirtan.

Views: 21 | Posted May 19, 2014

Taos. The satsang at the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos tell stories about Hanuman. One woman fell in love with images of Hanuman and then shared it with ot...

Views: 2043 | Posted May 19, 2014

Krishna Das tells a humorous story of visiting a secluded temple in the Himalayas, only to find that the murti inside was holding a phone (February 2012)