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In this archive you’ll find Ram Dass’ most essential guidance for living fully in the Here and Now.

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Ram Dass & Krishna Das

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26 Aug 2013

Valentines Day 2011 webcast part 1

Ram Dass begins with the story of Saint Valentine. He then answers questions about sleep and its relation to spiritual progress; the role of relationship and its effect on spiritual seeking; gun control; and faith.

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21 Aug 2013

Ram Dass Krishna Das Costa Rica

Ram Dass and Krishna Das skype from Costa Rica to India. They talk about Krishna Das' nomination and performance at the Grammys: about the nomination being a test of Ego, and the loss actually being a gift.

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09 Aug 2013

Webcast from July, 2013

Ram Dass answers questions about the spiritual path and finding spiritual community, about letting go of anger and frustration, about handling illness, and more

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30 Jun 2013

Franklin New Hampshire 1969

Ram Dass speaks about not-doing, being, and the wisdom of the here and now. He talks about how cities can breed suffering, and a deep fear for survival, and how simplicity can lead to a deeper consciousness of the here and now.

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29 Jun 2013

Loving Awareness Meditation

Ram Dass leads us in a meditation to our true center of Loving Awareness

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