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Welcome to the new public Ram Dass media library. Ram Dass has decided to make his entire collection over the past 45 years accessible to everyone.

In this archive you’ll find Ram Dass’ most essential guidance for living fully in the Here and Now.

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Ram Dass & Krishna Das

Neem Karoli Baba


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26 Jun 2013

Maharaji Footage

archival footage of Neem Karoli Baba

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25 Jun 2013

Love Serve Remember Movie

Ram Dass describes his spiritual development from Richard Alpert the psychoanalyst into Ram Dass. including his pschedelic experiences, his journey to India and meeting of Maharaji: his first experience of true unconditional love, and the timelessness of maharaji's presence. He discusses the influence of Maharji on his life and his teachings, the development of the seva foundation, and his mission to Love Serve and Remember.

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24 Jun 2013

Tainted Glory of Humanity Part 2

Ram Dass and Jack Kornfield finish their conversation with a discussion of how both the particulars and universal affect one another.

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24 Jun 2013

Tainted Glory of Humanity Part 1

Ram Dass talks with Jack Kornfield about first becoming depressed and losing faith and then finding grace through the experience of his stroke. They also speak about the lessons of dependency and interdependence., and Becoming the "one who knows"

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24 Jun 2013

The Concept of Be Here Now

Ram Dass talks about the origin of his concept Be Here Now, and Maharaji's influence on it.

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