07 Nov 2011
November 7, 2011

Up Close Impersonal


Image Src: AlicePopkorn - Flickr

When we talk about the heart, it’s easy to confuse the emotional heart and the spiritual heart, because, though they are both the heart, they represent different levels of consciousness. There’s the emotional heart we’re all familiar with, the one that romance and poetry are usually about (except mystic poetry). Emotional love encompasses all the dramatic feelings of attraction and hate and jealousy and sweetness and tenderness that make your heart throb, all these emotional states. It is laden with the hooks that continually create attachments and constantly affirm our egos.

Most emotions like fear, anger, lust, and envy are connected to our personality and the impulses from our conscious or unconscious mind, instincts for survival and procreation. Love is part of the emotional spectrum, but it is different because it emanates from our soul. Even when it becomes confused with our ego projections, love is actually from the
higher essence of our being, the part that begins to merge with the spirit and approach the One.