21 Mar 2012
March 21, 2012

Whenever You Remember Me, I Will Come


In September 1961, I had finished my bath and tea early in the morning and came into my room to study. While taking out the book which I had been reading the night before, I was amazed to see “Ram Ram” written over the whole cover page. I was familiar with Babaji’s handwriting so it was clear to me that it had been done by him, but he had not been here for the last three months. I shouted for Didi and others and they all exclaimed that it was Babaji’s writing. How had it appeared in the book during the night in the closed room? I told them that the night before I had been reading until twelve and there had been nothing on the book. Didi said that even a half-hour before, when she arranged my table and dusted the books, there was nothing on it; it must have come just within this time. While we were all looking at the cover page, she took the book and, opening it, exclaimed, “Look how many more are written within!” There were three more pages, all in bold letters, and the ink on the last page showed that the writing had suddenly stopped, as it was not fully dry….

We were all left guessing and speculating on how and why this could happen. Many devotees gave their own interpretations, but they were not convincing and we remained agitated. I wrote to Tularam, a great devotee who was very close to us and was then with Babaji at Agra. He narrated the whole thing to Babaji as was written in the letter and told him that I was very anxious to know how it all came about. Babaji’s reply, as Tularam wrote, was, “Dada was remembering me, so I had to go.” Tularam added that Babaji’s purpose was to demonstrate that he had heard my call and responded to it. This was good so far as it went, but the mystery remained unsolved — the invisible movement in response to a call which to my knowledge I had not sent.

Many things happened after that, and have continued to hap¬pen all these years. One night I was reading in my room after everybody had gone to sleep. Suddenly the gate was forced open and Babaji began abusing me. “You are such a nasty chap that you trouble me so much. You made me come from a distance of four hundred miles. You were remembering me.” Everyone in the house woke up and came to his room. The next morning he was like a different person and said, “Whenever you remember me, I come.”

This same assurance has been echoed from the beginning of time through the mouths of the saints to their devotees and disciples. It is an echo of what Ram said to Hanuman when they parted, “Hanuman, you will not be separate from me, and whenever you remember me, I shall come to you.” God may be in heaven or in Vaikuntha, but he is never beyond the reach of his people’s call. His grace flows to them in the various forms of divine incarnation. There may be times when he comes in full incarnation, but partial incarnations are always here carrying his message.

Excerpt from By His Grace

by Dada Mukerjee

  • Christine

    When I use my mala beads, a practice I have just begun, I say Ram on each small bead and Babaji, Ram Dass and Me, on the guru bead. I smile at the simple childlike poetry of it. I feel the need to say his name, Babji, more and more and as i do I feel the strain around my hridayyam (sp?) soften. And I stumble toward his grace.

    • Jai

      I have “worked” mala beads since my first retreat with Ram Dass in 1986. I have noticed that very few people seem to have picked up on what a wonderful meditative tool the beads can be. I honor your efforts to stumble towards Babji’s grace. You might consider seeing the Guru bead as a door into silence and a letting go of “me”…just a thought with love. Namaste! Jai Hanuman

  • http://[email protected] Rollingpix

    When will I know when I have suffered enough? I feel the weight of my karma and dharma… I continue to self destruct, but when I do that which I know is negative all I do is throw it on the pile of “all has been said and done before” I am soon to be 36 and amalready VERY tired……

  • http://MozzillaFirefox Jenifer Whisper

    I saw you today, Ram Dass on the Oprah show and felt so homesick it made me cry for those times when so many were opening to matters of the Spirit. I lived through the whole 60 thing and was so was fond of your teachings in your book “BE HERE NOW”. I did my experiment with LSD and the Magic Mushroom’s twice as I remember and as I look back I think it hastened my spiritual growth like nothing else could have.
    Ram Dass you are eighty I am eighty-two. I’ve had a small stroke that has affected my lower lip. I loved what you had to say and how you said it. “I’ve been stroked”. I intend to buy your newest book as soon as possible.Thank God for you and your blessings on all of who who intend to listen and listen and pay attention. In Love and Light. Jenifer Whisper

    • Nellie Power

      For the past few weeks I have been listening to the CD “Chants of a Lifetime” by Krishna Das and by the 4 CD set Here We All Are by Ram Dass. As I write this I am listening to CD # 4, music and chants. Soothing, inspiring, uplifting and carrying me forward; I am moving through painful issues, letting go of past while staying present.

      I’ve been longing to see you in person in Maui…..earlier today, I swear I talked to you in person through a beautiful soul I encounter from time to time when I’m out and about in the city taking care of my responsibilities.

      Our conversation was one of those magical encounters….I showed him a book about angels I’m reading; he told me that Jehovah is the father of Jesus and that he himself believes in immortality, that we give our thoughts and spirit to the divine when we die and we become immortal; that no matter how difficult our lives are at times, he’s looking forward to passing on. I get it too. I’ve been through a great deal of stuff and it’s made me a better person, stronger, humble. Our precious lives are precious and how and what we do matters as long as we are conscious of our actions and do no harm. Simple but not always easy.

      I hope you are keeping well. I hear Maui is lovely; the air is beautiful; all that lovely prana. One day I hope to be in Maui and when I’m there, I would dearly love to meet you.

      I had the honor of hearing you speak in Vancouver years ago after you were stroked. You’ve been with me ever since and here we all are.

      Namaste Ram Dass
      Nellie Power

      I know a little about this person. He lives next door to where I live; he lives in a care facility and I see him from time to time, usually at the bus stop near our respective homes. He’s always kind and considerate and from the beginning I could see that he has respect for himself and others. He has soul deep blue eyes that reveal a lot more than he actually shares.

      I came home believing I had just talked to Ram Dass.

  • Karen

    Whenever I read something like this I get so turned off by people who are asking us to listen and understand and be present, because they always have to go here to these odd places of magic. As if it is only magic that will convince us. Like Jesus and the miracles he performed. People aren’t blind and suddenly see. Or full of cancer and suddenly healed. If that really happened, really and truly, there would be no need for faith. We’d just know. I don’t believe this kind of thing. I was reading a book last week by Wayne Dyer and it had a similar quality to this kind of story and I have to say, it ruined my experience of him. There is no magic to consciousness. It just is. And it’s impossible for someone to physically write on a page when he is thousands of miles away. There is nothing in my mind that can accept that. For me, I can be present, I can find an idea called “god” inside myself and know I am paying attention now and now and now. I can be here in the present and awake, each moment. I can experience love and know that I am connected to you and you and you. But don’t ask me to buy into the impossible and then ask me to buy your book. These things just don’t happen. Now I’m sad :(

    • RU

      Well………….. I truly understand where you are coming from, and yes you do not need miracles to work towards higher consciousness, what you do need is practice. These stories whether true or not inspire people to do practice. For example, you might see a movie or read a book that inspire you. Now you know the movie is not real or the stories in a great Kafka, or Dostoevsky novel may not be real but it could inspire you. Now there is another aspect. As one becomes adept (now I’m talking about masters of their craft, spiritual, sport, intellect, etc) one begins to be able to do things normal people can’t (run a marathon in 2 hours, jump in basketball where it appears one is floating, chess where one see’s 20 more moves ahead, etc.) . It is hard to believe these things and understand what the person is perceiving. The longer I meditate and do my practice, the more incredible things have happened to me. See the stories as stories that inspire and enjoy the views that will come from the inward traveling.

      • Myra

        Miracles are happening constantly. Awareness practice just helps us see them. It’s a miracle we are here, alive, knowing, learning, growing, and there are many many many more miracles that can and do happen when we tune in to/by appreciating all that is. I feel sad when I believe a lie. Maybe you are too? Life is a miracle with myriad and infinite facets to its expression and comprehension/apprehension. No need for sadness.

  • http://sameasabove Atmabhoda Sarasvati

    When one understands the totality of Absolute Brahman, then one is aware of the totality of Maya.
    Technically, to have been able to write on the book as Maharaji obviously did is no task. When this world of density and form is taken to be the real world, then affairs that seem to violate its rules seem impossible-this is Maya. Maya is the illusion that what we percieve with our senses, and our experience of being an individual in it, is reality. We’re not talking spiritual ideals here.
    The entire yogic and tantric traditions are based on verifiable absolute experiential structures. The absolute is not termed such because it sounds profound. There is such a thing as the immanant absolute, and it is indicative of God’s highest nature.It is the core of the only reality.
    Having the state of Cit as ones experience of reality, demonstrates inexorably how this world is a three dimensional pranic imposition into what is the only thing that is really here-pure Brahman Self. Beings such as Maharaji who live in that plane, are not bound by the Mayic laws that we who think we are our individual selves are.
    We take our finite ego selves so seriously, because we experience them-but that experience is Maya as well. The only thing one can do is perfect their yoga sadhana in order to experience them selves as Sat-Cit-Ananda. When this is achieved, what you ARE NOT is blatantly revealed. What you are not is a biological machine with a personality driving it.
    Karma as the flow of the pranic flux dictates what the ego undergoes. If a person experiences cancer, then this is karma. If they go to prison-this is karma. If they have great sex-this is karma. But it is really all illusion because it expires in time. The real self, the Brahman or Sat-Cit- Ananda self , the absolute self, does not expire in time. One must aspire to replace their ego identity with that SELF.
    When one lives in the seeming reality of ego-then things that don’t fit into the time and space or Maya scenario seem impossible. When one is aware that Brahman is the only reality, and everything that goes with our ego illusions are not real, then the rules change.
    And another thing-you can move well beyond the “mental structure” of faith. You can be-and know-and become-namaste

  • Pat Mongiello

    It’s nice to see these comments.

  • Pat Mongiello

    It would help neophytes such as I if the Indian words had english explanations following

    • http://sameasabove Atmabhoda Sarasvati

      What words are you referring to prabhu?

      • Pat Mongiello


        • http://sameasabove Atmabhoda Sarasvati

          Namaste Pat,
          Sorry for the confusion.
          Maya is the ego state of mind that comprises the illusory notion of individuality, when in fact we are linked and are in effect the omniscient consciousness of God. Technically Maya means veil, the veil of individual self mind that God places over Himself, that Self being us.The goal of Yoga which is spiritual enilghtenment, is to transcend Maya by experiencing oneself as that divine mind, instead of our “seemingly” birth born finite mind and self. This is a basic tenet of most eastern systems.
          Cit, pronounced “cheat”, means consciousness, divine consciousness. In higher yoga systems, God is not known by names per se, but instead is known by divine qualities, specifically the divine qualities of Sat-Cit-Ananda, which stands for Being, “Sat”, Cit, which stands for consciousness, and Ananda, which stands for bliss. These three words are indicative of the nature of Gods being, and are also indicative of the micro qualities of your own divine self or soul. So the experience of enlightenment is known in higher yogic circles to be experienced as Sat-Cit-Ananda.
          Pranic refers to “of Prana”, i.e.pranic. Prana is a divine energy that God uses to manifest existence and consciousness, to put it very simply. Prana is a form of Kundalini. A whole text cound be written on Prana. It is a very real and holy energy that is manipulated in yoga to effect consciousness, being the root of it as it is.
          Sadhana means spiritual practice, or yoga system. Just as an athelete has a workout routine, a yogin has a sadhana.
          Namaste is the greeting you give anyone that means glory or offering unto the divine that you are. In yoga disciplines, a person is considered holy by nature of everything being divine and of God, whether they have achieved divinity or not. So they are greeted in lieu of this respect. If you have any more questions at all feel free to contact me, through my yahoo address, atmabhoda sarasvati at [email protected].
          Namaste, atmabhoda