04 Dec 2013
December 4, 2013

The Work of Saints


Saints are one in their work as divine channels. They link us up with the source from which all bliss flows: love. They bake the unbaked pots and make them fit to receive the divine bliss. They illuminate the path by removing all the darkness that holds us back. Their work does not end with the energizing or enlightening of some select few here and there. They also serve as the unflickering flame helping to light other candles. What bliss and joy Hanuman brought to his devotee Tulsidas! And what bliss and joy Tulsidas himself has scattered to millions of other devotees, helping to rekindle their lamps, although he himself parted with his body long, long ago. This has been the case with many great saints and their disciples, from Guru Maharaj to Shyama Charan, from Ramkrishna to Vivekananda. Through them and their own disciples they live in the memory of many old people. The work of the saints goes on, whether we know it or not.

- Excerpt from The Near and the Dear by Dada Mukerjee

  • BetsyToll

    I just turned to this perfect little post. Jai jai Dada. Jai Jai Baba Maharajji! So much love.

  • Newfirelock

    Ways To Be

    Be a light in the darkness

    Be a place of peace in wartime

    Be a promoter of life in the face of death

    Be a voice of reason in the midst of confusion

    Be an example of courage in a world of fear

    Be a beacon of hope in a sea of despair

    Be an expression of freedom in the prison of lies

    Be an orator of conviction in the forum of cynicism

    Be a statement of simplicity in the marketplace of vanity

    Be a source of nourishment in the land of hunger

    Be a symbol of tolerance in the halls of bigotry

    Be a gentle hand in a rough neighborhood

    Be the master of a touch, a word, an act, and an attitude that heals

    Be who we really are in that place where we all meet as one

    James Rogers Bush