The following story took place after Maharaji left his body (Mahasamadhi). People who were with him while he was in his physical body and those who never met him are still experiencing his care and protection. Many continue to have his darshan in form and in dreams.

Photograph by Robert Stewart

In 1973 Braj Kishore Tandon of Haldwani was sitting with Baba in Kainchi when Baba said to him, “You get your son married.” Tandon replied, “I am ready, provided that you promise to attend the marriage.” Baba gave his consent with a smile. In September of the same year, Baba took Mahasamadhi.

 A couple of years later Tandon got his son married. At the reception the groom was sitting on a beautiful sofa in the middle of a big pavilion at the bride’s home. His friend was sitting with him, and some women and children stood in groups behind him. Just then an old man wearing a blanket appeared and sat by the side of the groom’s friend. Many people noted the presence of the old man, but none dared to say anything to him. The bride’s party thought that he was a member of the groom’s family, and the groom’s party thought that he might be related to the bride’s family.

When the photographs of the bridegroom and the women and children around him had been taken, the old man got up and went towards Tandon. Jeevan Chandra ji, a friend of Tandon’s, suggested that some money be given to the old man on such an auspicious occasion. At his suggestion, Tandon gave the old man a five-rupee note. The old man would not accept it and said, “Give it to that beggar,” who was standing nearby. While the two men diverted their attention to the beggar, the old man went away. Suddenly it occurred to them that the old man was none other than Baba Neeb Karori, who had fulfilled his commitment in that form. His order to give money to the beggar was an indication of his presence. They searched everywhere for him, but he had disappeared. It was Baba’s divine lila that when the print of the photograph was received, Baba’s face was out of the shot, but half of the blanket that he was wearing was seen lying on the sofa.

Excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”



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