cookbook for awakening by ram dass and zoe kors


Ready to live a spiritual life?  “Cookbook for Awakening” is a scrapbook of essential teachings on topics to help you become more awake in your life – and to inhabit “be here now” in a truly authentic way.

The Cookbook for Awakening contains the most potent teachings from Ram Dass’ talks on awakening, awareness, meditation, relationships, unconditional love, service and compassion. Inside you will find a visual meditation that reflects Ram Dass’ journey over these many decades – from his life as a cultural icon to his historic meeting with Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji) and the subsequent teaching in the West and the writing of his transformational book, “Be Here Now”.

This is a tool to expand our minds and our hearts. Take it with you on your journeys, and as “Be Here Now” has attracted so many to the spiritual path, Ram Dass hopes this book will help inspire a new generation of seekers into an awakening of the spirit.

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