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The Ram Dass App is a simple and easy way to immerse yourself in the teachings and timeless wisdom of Ram Dass and other esteemed spiritual teachers of our time - a more conscious way to interact with your smartphone.

Wisdom and Mindfulness on the go

Whether you're just starting out on your journey of exploring consciousness or you are an experienced meditator, there is something for everyone in this app. 

Why should I have it?

- Easily search for answers in our vast archive of audio podcast, video and text wisdom from over 20 topics including Attachment, Disturbing Emotions, Relationships, Meditation and Forgiveness.

- Receive daily words of wisdom from some of the great spiritual teachers of our time (with the option to turn on daily push notifications for new articles, videos and podcasts.)

- Access over 100 audio podcasts from Ram Dass' 50+ years of teaching with an easy-to-use audio player.

In case you're wondering...

How much does it cost?
It's 100% Free! Go forth and spread kindness!

Is the app compatible with iOS and Android?
Yes! Download it from the Google Play Store OR the iOS App Store

Where can I learn more about Ram Dass and friends?
Easy, visit us online at