A young man’s fascinating journey from the southern coast of India to the mystical Himalayan heights where he finds his great Master, wise, powerful and loving. At the age of nineteen and a half, attracted by a strange and irresistible urge to go to the Himalayas, he left home. At the Vyasa Cave, beyond the Himalayan shrine of Badrinath, he met his Master and lived with him for three and a half years, wandering freely, the length and breadth of the snow clad Himalayan region. What he learnt from his Master Maheshwarnath Babaji, transformed his consciousness totally. Back in the plains, he, as instructed by his Master, lived a normal life, working for a living, fulfilling his social commitments and at the same time preparing himself to teach all that he learnt and experienced. At a signal from his Master he entered the teaching phase of his life. Today, he travels all over the world t share his experiences and knowledge. Equally at home in the religious teachings of most major religions, Sri M often says “Go to the core. Theories are of no use”. This book is the unfolding of the spiritual ‘rags to riches’ story of a young man from Kerala, who by sheer dedication, sincerity and single mindedness evolved into Sri ‘M’, a living yogi. Sri M shares his fascinating travels across the Himalayas and back, profound knowledge of Upanishadic philosophy and deep spiritual insights born out of first hand experiences – promising the reader a unique and thought provoking journey. One of the many unusual and intriguing aspects of this story is the fact that Sri M was born Mumtaz Ali Khan. Today, a family man, he leads a simple life – teaching and heading the Satsang Foundation, a charitable concern promoting excellence in education.

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