Lecture Recorded February 3rd, 1970 – San Francisco, California

Part 1: Beginning by quoting several sacred texts, Ram Dass explains how we begin with our belief in dualism as we seek non-dualism. He discusses growing to enlightenment and sharing purification through working on ourselves and our own energies. Ram Dass compares our spirits to the way light spreads, feeding into the beings around us and shining from those beings onward to create purification, like ripples on a lake. He begins relating an experience at a Buddhist monastery in Ceylon as this portion ends.

Part 2: Ram Dass continues telling of his experience at the Buddhist monastery where he was left in meditation for weeks, concentrating only on the rising and falling of his own breath. He goes on to discuss using different methods to let go of ‘self’ on the path from dualism to non-dualism. A teaching follows of breaking down the subjective self and creating the objective self. Ram Dass also touches on the different types of yoga and specifically discusses using mantra, music, sound and structure

Part 3: There are many methods to get us to the conscious state, and every consecrated act draws us closer to God. Cultivating ‘the witness’ is one of many methods that we can incorporate into our daily lives to deepen our awareness. All actions create more karma, but when we learn to shift on the astral plane we begin to see what karma we have burned off and what we are still creating. Through realization our actions become that of God’s will, and we move into harmony with the universe.

Part 4: In this final section Ram Dass tells us to honor our bodies and our minds, as we are the temple, both individually and collectively. Because we see others through our own energies and desires, if we want to change the world we have to change ourselves. He encourages us to honor the work, get free of attachments, learn to avoid dualistic thinking and ultimately live our lives in sadhana.