[Audio] Ram Dass Divine Mother Meditation

"By telling us to see everything as the Mother, I think Maharaji meant us to use every detail of life as grist for the mill of our spiritual development. Every experience is a mirror reflecting where we are in our consciousness and our work of the moment. In the compassionate embrace of the Mother the layers of old habits, preconceptions, and residues of past experiences can dissolve in the ocean of maternal affection." – Ram Dass, Be Love Now

On this special day honoring women around the world, we are pleased to present this unique meditation from Ram Dass on the Divine Mother. Ram Dass recalls how Maharaji would always speak to the Westerners of the importance of Divine feminine energy. As young men and women in those early days with Him, it was clear that their path to becoming whole and complete in their search for unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom depended on our relationship with the Divine Feminine.


Artwork: Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich (1937)

3 thoughts on “[Audio] Ram Dass Divine Mother Meditation”

  1. Such powerful yet gentle guidance to get there, to that point where formless and form become one. Ram Dass always a beautiful gift in the present moment. Thank you!


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