Hanuman in Prayag

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There was a very heavy flood, and the water of both the Ganges and Jamuna (Yamuna) had risen to a high level in Allahabad. The currents were very strong. Some stones of the adjoining fort were washed away, and water was getting into the fort. All the adjoining areas, including the famous Hanuman temple, were… Read more »

The Job Interview

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  When Maharajji had drawn anyone to him, he cared for and protected that person. He would provide whatever was needed. Whether you took it or not, that was up to you. Occasionally, however, he did force. One winter, a relation of Dharm Narayan Sharma came to Allahabad to see Babaji. That evening this man… Read more »

Maharaji on Contentment

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saints - Ram Dass, Neem Karoli Baba

Babaji would sometimes wax eloquent while talking about contentment in life: “The real contentment comes only when there is no desire, no hankering in your mind for anything. How can you say that you have got everything and do not want anything more when you are holding an empty vessel in your hand? You might… Read more »

Daughter, Sleep Well Tonight.

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Years back I’d heard a tale of horror, which happened to a young French girl traveling through India. She’d been fascinated by Aghori sadhus, who have a reputation for being way out on the fringes of the sadhu world. She’d gone to Gujarat to seek them out and had come in contact with some black… Read more »

Reflections from Saraswati

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Once a great master was asked, “How long is the path of healing?” He replied, “About three and a half feet.” This is the distance between the root and the crown chakras. This past week I had the great honor to teach with some of my personal heroes: Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Sharon Salzberg and Mirabai… Read more »

“Love” by KK Sah

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love by kk sah

LOVE by K.K. Sah  Enter into an Indian family and then you can understand love. Love does not wait for logic and is the easiest path of all. The first test of love is that it knows no bargaining—true love cannot exist in an arrangement by two parties. Love is always the giver not the… Read more »

Short Maharaji Stories

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I was being visited by an American friend of mine who doesn’t believe in God. I invited her to come and meet Maharaji but she resisted because she didn’t believe in saints. I told her to come anyhow because Maharaji was not an ordinary saint. He’s like a friend. Maharaji was so nice to her…. Read more »

Maharaji in Delhi

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The following story takes place after Maharaji had taken his mahasamadhi (left his body). We had gone to India to meet Shri Siddhi Ma. Before going on to Kainchi, we were staying in Delhi. We went to do a few errands around the city, buying Indian clothes, getting a few gifts and items for our… Read more »

Knowing the Whole Story

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  Sometimes Maharaji would get angry… really angry. One time, we were sitting in the back of the temple with him and this guy who lived across the street named Purnanand, who Maharaji had known for many, many years, and actually the first person Maharaji talked to when he came to that area was this… Read more »